Critical Thinking: Leaders need to use it (and so do voters!)

It was November 4 and voters were going to the polls. Coincidentally, just that morning I noted the issue of “critical thinking” was trending on leadership development sites. Too bad the concept didn’t seem to be trending on election sites! Unfortunately, it is all too common for voters today to think they have enough information […]

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Why is Engagement still an Issue? Revisiting our blog “Survey Says … U.S. Businesses Fail at Employee Engagement”

I take the results of public opinion surveys with a grain of salt; polls can be skewed in any number of ways — how the questions are worded, who’s asked to participate, when the surveys are taken, etc… Healthy skepticism is essential for today’s information consumer. But back in 2013, Gallup’s survey about employee engagement […]


Is it time to re-evaluate your leadership development offerings?

It’s not easy being a leader in today’s world, especially as employees’ expectations of their own managers and company leaders continue to increase. Good leaders are expected to listen, enable opportunity and be role models and exceptional coaches. And, because employees expect a lot from their leaders, they lose trust and respect when those expectations […]

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A holiday poem from Paradigm Learning:

              ‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the office all the workers were busy counting the fiscal year’s losses. The executives all hung their heads and wondered, what happened to cause such a serious blunder?   The accountants brought to their HR staff’s desks a list of […]


2015 is coming. What is your learning and development plan?

As 2015 approaches, learning & development (L&D) needs are being re-evaluated to find providers offering effective solutions that engage talent and improve overall performance. At Paradigm Learning we decided to conduct a little research of our own. We compiled our participant survey feedback, listened carefully in the marketplace, and conducted several client interviews from Fortune […]