Death by Powerpoint: Revive your audience with discovery learning

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Hospital innovation needs to catch up to Wal-Mart…STAT

Recently, I read an article in Becker’s Hospital Review by Kenneth Kauffman titled Wal-Mart’s lessons for reinventing hospitals. Kauffman provides an overview of ways this very successful retail organization has initiated major change by challenging long-held assumptions about its basic business model and suggests that hospitals do the same. For example, as convenience has become more [...]


Business Acumen in Action: Linking Patient & Financial Health in Hospitals

Delivering the best patient outcomes at the lowest possible cost is a tough prescription at any time, but especially now. Even Becker’s Hospital Review recently posted the pressing question, “How do hospitals save costs while preserving patient safety and quality of care?” This means that hospitals must be much more precise about where the money [...]

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Assessing Discovery Map® Results: Part 2 of Touchstone Energy’s Journey into discovery learning

In part 2 of this podcast series, Ann Maggard, director of communications and membership at Touchstone Energy shares the company’s goals for their Discovery Map® program and the metrics used to assess the learning outcomes. Ann also provides in…

How to Lead in Tough Economic Times: 3 Keys to Success Part 1

In Part 1 of this podcast series, Ed Boswell, CEO of Forum Corporation and Raymond Green, CEO of Paradigm Learning discuss the details behind the 3 keys to successfully leading an organization in a tough economy and provide specific successes from their clients and other leading organizations.