The Importance of Business Acumen: One Manager’s Journey

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'Change Just Ahead'

Myths About Creating Change: Some Interesting Thoughts from A Social Scientist’s Perspective

My friend Dr. Pat Gill Webber – a change consultant and business coach – sent me a link to a very interesting Ted Talk. It’s called 3 Myths of Behavior Change – What You Think You Know That You Don’t and is presented by Jeni Cross, a Sociology Professor at Colorado State University. She begins [...]


Don’t Just Engage Millennials – Find Their “Sweet Spot”

If you’ve been reading leadership forums lately, you certainly will have come across discussions about “engaging” Millennials. I just finished reading three, but one stuck out more than the rest … Quit Trying to ‘Engage’ Millennials. In this article, Anthony Lye, CPO at Red Book Connect, shares his views about how the “engage” buzzword is [...]

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Assessing Discovery Map® Results: Part 2 of Touchstone Energy’s Journey into discovery learning

In part 2 of this podcast series, Ann Maggard, director of communications and membership at Touchstone Energy shares the company’s goals for their Discovery Map® program and the metrics used to assess the learning outcomes. Ann also provides in…

How to Lead in Tough Economic Times: 3 Keys to Success Part 1

In Part 1 of this podcast series, Ed Boswell, CEO of Forum Corporation and Raymond Green, CEO of Paradigm Learning discuss the details behind the 3 keys to successfully leading an organization in a tough economy and provide specific successes from their clients and other leading organizations.