Asking the Right Questions the Right Way

I just read a blog in the Harvard Business Review Blog network called 5 Common Questions Leaders Should Never Ask. It is based on conversations with David Cooperrider, a professor at Case Western Reserve University and a pioneer of “Appreciative Inquiry” – an approach that focuses questioning on strengths and the use of positive language [...]

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When Lectures Don’t Work, What Does?

Training & Development Magazine recently published an article, “Revisiting the Lecture.” In this article, author James J. Goldsmith suggests that lectures can be a viable delivery option, continuing to dominate as a teaching method in academia. Goldsmith claims that a well-designed and facilitated session is a great way to accomplish cognitive change at the higher [...]


Hospital Staff and the New “Pay-for-Value” Healthcare Proposition

Change doesn’t come easy to health systems in the best of times. So, it’s no surprise that the complex, legislation-driven and ever-evolving transition from the traditional “fee-for-service” model to a new “pay-for-value” proposition is rife with strategic challenges. Janet Tomcavage, chief of population health for xG Health Solutions and chief administrative office for Geisinger Health [...]

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Assessing Discovery Map® Results: Part 2 of Touchstone Energy’s Journey into discovery learning

In part 2 of this podcast series, Ann Maggard, director of communications and membership at Touchstone Energy shares the company’s goals for their Discovery Map® program and the metrics used to assess the learning outcomes. Ann also provides in…

How to Lead in Tough Economic Times: 3 Keys to Success Part 1

In Part 1 of this podcast series, Ed Boswell, CEO of Forum Corporation and Raymond Green, CEO of Paradigm Learning discuss the details behind the 3 keys to successfully leading an organization in a tough economy and provide specific successes from their clients and other leading organizations.