Why is Engagement still an Issue? Revisiting our blog “Survey Says … U.S. Businesses Fail at Employee Engagement”

I take the results of public opinion surveys with a grain of salt; polls can be skewed in any number of ways — how the questions are worded, who’s asked to participate, when the surveys are taken, etc… Healthy skepticism is essential for today’s information consumer. But back in 2013, Gallup’s survey about employee engagement [...]

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Is it time to re-evaluate your leadership development offerings?

It’s not easy being a leader in today’s world, especially as employees’ expectations of their own managers and company leaders continue to increase. Good leaders are expected to listen, enable opportunity and be role models and exceptional coaches. And, because employees expect a lot from their leaders, they lose trust and respect when those expectations [...]


Building a Culture of Accountability in Healthcare

In my last two blogs, I discussed the importance of developing the business acumen of healthcare staff and ensuring clear and consistent strategic alignment of the workforce related to business goals, marketplace realities and key initiatives. While it’s critical for senior leaders to focus on these initiatives, the over-arching goal for these leaders is to [...]

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Business Acumen: The Missing Link for Sales Professionals

If you’re hungry, you want to be asked what you want to eat, not just given something that you’re expected to bite into. Have you ever watched a sales person struggle to sell because that’s all he was doing—selling? It may make sense that selling is all sales people need to do, but it’s really [...]


Develop your future leaders now!

With the use of technology on the rise, one question we must ask ourselves is: How important is the tangible connection between leader and employee? A storm of millennial workers is breaching the workplace levees, and they’re bringing with them an adept knowledge of connecting to people through technology. These are workers who will soon [...]