Gold Medal Affirms the Power of discovery learning

Occasionally, we like to share good news about our company, especially when that news confirms and reinforces our company’s underlying learning design principles. Recently, out of more than 6,000 entries for this annual international competition, the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (MARCOM) honored us with a Gold Award in the specialty web/microsite category.

Our microsite — — shows Fortune 1000 companies how to transform their managers into accountable business leaders through our program, Impact5: The Business of Leadership Game®.

Although we are proud to have won this prestigious award, we are even prouder of the fact that it reinforces Paradigm’s underlying philosophy when it comes to the design and development of our learning programs and communication tools. Judges cited the website’s gaming components and interactivity, its eye-catching look and its compelling writing.  These issues are important to us in everything we create. Regardless of the medium, they are time-tested elements that we use to engage learners, convert them into active participants, deliver key information and skills, and compel them to take action. They work equally well in print, in classroom sessions, in video, or online.

Yes, that includes business games and simulations and Discovery Maps®.

Among several yardsticks, we measure our products against a proven marketing principle known as “AIDA” — attention, interest, desire and action. We live in an age where many things compete for our mental bandwidth, so we must ensure our programs earn the desired responses from learners.

Whether using powerful visual messages, compelling must-succeed scenarios or engaging devices such as dice, chips and timers, our programs blend techniques from the world of advertising with a powerful educational approach known as discovery learning, ultimately immersing participants in experiences that drive learning and retention. We’re proud to call discovery learning methodology the guiding principle behind our learning products —and even prouder that thousands of organizations worldwide appreciate the value of our employee education and communication solutions.

We appreciate Marcom’s recognition, and wanted to share it with our strategic partners, our valued clients and our blog readers.

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